How To Replace A Traxxas Slash Motor

By | March 19, 2018

Need to know how to replace a Traxxas Slash motor?How to replace a Traxxas Slash motor

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If you love to bash your Slash around as much as we do, chances are that at some point you are going to need to know how to replace your Traxxas Slash motor.

We have been very impressed with the Titan 12t 550 modified motor. We have treated the Slash with reckless disregard and the Titan has held up very well, so we we are more than happy to take the old one out and put a new one right back in.

In this article, we will go through the process of removing your old Traxxas Slash motor and installing a new one step by step.

You should expect to dedicate around 15 minutes to an hour for the project.

And don’t worry! If you don’t feel like reading, we included a video of us replacing the motor at the end of this post. 🙂

So without further ado, let’s get this motor swap started!

How To Replace A Traxxas Slash Motor

** Always Remove Batteries Before Any Repairs! **

What You Will Need:

      • 4 way lug wrench that came with your Slash
      • 2 Allen wrenches that came with your Slash
      • A new motor
      • Patience!


      • 7 mm hex bit for wheel removal/installation
      • 1.5 mm Allen wrench for pinion gear
      • 2 mm Allen wrench for gearbox cover & motor mount screws
      • 5/64 hex bit works for gearbox and motor screws

Step #1 – Remove Right Rear Wheel

Imagine sitting in the driver’s seat and go to the right rear wheel.

How to remove Traxxas Slash Wheel

Using the 4 way lug wrench, determine the right bit and unscrew the nut that secures the tire to the axle. If you lost the 4 way, you can use a 7 mm hex bit for removing the wheel.

Remove the tire, making sure not to lose the small washer on the axle.

Step #2 – Remove Gearbox Cover

Using the larger of the 2 provided Allen wrenches, remove the bottom and top screws completely.

How to remove gear box cover on Traxxas Slash

If you lost the Allen wrenches that came with your Slash, use a 2 mm Allen wrench or a 5/64 hex bit and driver.

You will notice that the bottom screw is shorter than the top screw.

This is very important to remember when you reassemble the gearbox cover.

With both screws removed and put in a safe place, remove the gearbox cover.

Step #3 – Remove Old Motor

Carefully disconnect the black and red electric wires going to the motor. Nothing special here. Just firmly grasp on both sides and pull apart. Do this carefully, you don’t want to break the wires.

How to remove Traxxas Slash motor

Using the same wrench or bit you used to remove the gearbox cover, remove the bottom motor mount screw completely and put in a safe place.

How to remove motor mount screws on a Traxxas Slash

Hold the motor from the back and start unscrewing the top screw.

Pull the motor with slight pressure until it comes out.

The top screw can stay in place, which will make remounting the motor much easier.

Step #4 – Remove Pinion Gear & Plate From Old Motor

Using the smaller of the 2 Allen wrenches, loosen the small grub screw on the pinion gear.

How to remove pinion gear on a Traxxas Slash

If you lost the smaller Allen wrench that came with your Slash, use a 1.5 mm Allen wrench.

No need to completely remove the screw, just loosen it enough so the pinion gear slides off the shaft.

Remove the black plastic plate from the old motor.

Motor mount plate for a Traxxas Slash

This plate is not screwed on with any screws. It should pop right off.

Step #5 – Attach Plate & Pinion Gear To New Motor

Put the black plastic plate on the new motor exactly how it was on the old motor with the small protrusion on the bottom.

Attach the pinion gear back on the shaft, making sure the small grub screw is lined up with the small flat spot on the motor shaft.

Don’t fully tighten this screw yet as we will be making an adjustment later.

Step #6 – Install New Motor

Insert the motor back through the hole.

Align the top screw with the top screw hole on the motor. Align the protrusion on the plate with the slot on the motor mount.

Tighten the top screw.

Align the teeth on the pinion gear with the teeth on the spur gear. This is important, so take your time and line them up as good as you can.

When you have them lined up as best you can, tighten the grub screw on the pinion gear, making sure the screw is lined up with the flat spot on the motor shaft.

Tighten the bottom motor mount screw.

You want the screws on the motor mount and pinion gear to be securely tightened. Do not over-tighten, just make them secure.

Step #7 – Reinstall Gearbox Cover

Using the larger Allen wrench, install the gearbox cover.

Remember that the smaller of the 2 screws goes in the bottom.

Tighten screws securely.

Step # 8 – Reattach Electric To Motor

Reattach the electric wires to the new motor.

Make sure these connections are put together completely and firmly.

These connectors help to keep your Slash waterproof, so its important to ensure the connection is complete.

At this point, I like to put a battery in to make sure everything is working properly before finishing the rebuild.

Be careful that you are not touching any moving parts.

Gently squeeze the trigger until you see everything moving properly.

If you are not comfortable with doing this, go ahead and finish the rebuild before testing.

Step #9 – Reinstall Tire

You’re almost done!

Line up the hex on the back of the wheel with the hex nut on the stud.

Using the 4 way lug wrench, securely tighten the wheel nut.

Step #10 – Install Battery & go have fun! 🙂


You now know how to change a motor on a Traxxas Slash.

As I said earlier, we put the Slash through more abuse than most people ever will and this motor held up extremely well.

We have no problem at all recommending this motor for your replacement project.

We hope you enjoyed this post on How To Replace A Traxxas Slash Motor.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please leave a comment below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

You can also reach us via email with the contact tab in the menu.

Thanks for stopping and happy off-roading ~R/C Insiders

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