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Our Redcat Marksman TC8 1:8 Crawler Review!

In our Redcat Racing Marksman TC8 1:8 scale crawler review, we take a look at Redcat’s first venture into the 1:8 crawler category. GET YOUR MARKSMAN NOW AMAZON PRICE CHECK Redcat Marksman TC8 1:8 Crawler Review The first thing that caught our eye with the Marksman was of course the size, and being a Jeep junkies there was… Read More »

Dodge Charger Burnout: The Ultimate Show of Power

The Dodge Charger is a classic American muscle car that has been synonymous with power and performance for decades. One of the most impressive displays of the Charger’s capabilities is a burnout, where the driver intentionally spins the wheels while the vehicle is stationary to create smoke and an ear-splitting roar. SEE FULL VIDEO HERE A burnout is… Read More »