Easy Lifting: VEVOR 3 Ton Air Bag Jack Review

By | March 4, 2023

If you’re looking for a VEVOR 3 ton air bag jack review, you’re in the right place! The VEVOR 3 ton/6,600lbs air bag jack promises easy lifting. In our review, we put it to the test!

If you prefer to watch a video, scroll down for our full video review of the VEVOR 3 ton air bag jack.

VEVOR 3 Ton Air Bag Jack Review

VEVOR 3 ton air bag jack review


Our VEVOR 3 Ton Bag Air Bag Jack Review

First things first…If you do not have an air compressor, this is not the jack for you.

The VEVOR Air Bag Jack requires at least 100 psi of supplied air to function at it’s full capacity. If you do not have an air compressor, consider buying a VEVOR Floor Jack. VEVOR offers an extensive line of quality products.

Lifting Weight, Construction & Height Capacity

The VEVOR triple bag air jack has a lifting capacity of 6,600 pounds. This lifting capacity will provide plenty of power to lift nearly all passenger vehicles on the market today.

If you require more capacity than 6,600lbs, CHECK OUT THE VEVOR 5 Ton AIR JACK

The VEVOR 3 ton air bag jack has a lifting height range of 5.9″ to 15.75″. The jack can reach full lifting height in as little as 3 seconds.

This will allow you to get under most cars & also provide the lifting height required to change tires on most SUV’s & trucks.

The air inlet, outlet & controls are conveniently located at the top of the handle & are very easy to use. The extended handle lets you easily move the jack around without lifting it. If you do have to lift it, the jack weighs just over 30lbs.

The jack is constructed of high strength light weight alloy steel. After using the jack countless times for medium & heavy duty lifting it is still functioning as new. We put our tools through heavy abuse & this jack has performed flawlessly.

Check Out The VEVOR Air Jack In Our Full Video Review

VEVOR 3 Ton Air Bab Jack Review – Final Thoughts

The VEVOR 3 ton triple bag air jack is a must have for any garage. We do a lot of our own automotive work & lifting stuff & things is a part of nearly every project. The assembly took just a few minutes.

The VEVOR air bag jack not only lifts just about everything on every project we tackle, it is a major time saver. It easily rolls around the garage & under everything we lift. The slender design makes storage easy & takes up very little space.

The air inlet & outlet is controlled with a ball valve. This lets you easily control the lift & decent of the car. This is just like pulling the trigger on an RC car with proportional throttle. The more you pull, the faster it goes. The less you pull the slower it goes.

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VEVOR 3 Ton Air Bag Jack Review – That’s a Wrap!

We have been overly impressed & happy with the VEVOR 3 ton air bag jack. We have several VEVOR products that we use frequently & all of them have performed at & above expectations. Please practice safe lifting. As with all jacks, it is a lifting device. Always use jack stands & never go under a lifted object without proper suspension devices!

We have no problem recommending this jack & we think you will find it just as useful as we have.

And don’t forget…It’s FUN!!

We hope you enjoyed our VEVOR 3 ton triple bag air jack review. If you have any questions, leave a comment below & we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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