How To Build A Solar Pool Heater – DIY!

By | June 18, 2022

Would you like to know how to build a solar pool heater? Wanna do it DIY style?

Living in the north, our pool season is very short. I wanted a way to heat the pool & extend the season, but I did not want to spend thousands of dollars in initial cost & then hundreds of dollars on monthly gas bills.

So I decided to build a solar pool water heater.

The cost for the materials we used for our solar pool heater is around a hundred bucks & should only take you around 2 – 6 hours to build, depending on your skill level. The cost of operating the system is pennies a day. Do not be intimidated by the project. Whether you are experienced or not, this solar pool heater project is well worth the effort!

How To Build A Solar Pool Water HeaterDIY!

Most of the supplies for you solar pool heater project can be purchased on Amazon. The plywood & 1×4’s can be purchased at you local DIY store like Lowes or Home Depot.

Below is our video & a complete list of the tools & materials you will need for your DIY solar pool heater

Pump –

Tubing –


Tube Coupler –

Hose –

Hose Fittings –

Tubing Clips –

Paint –

Screws –

Extension Cord –

Drill –

PETG Clear Cover –

PETG Alternative For Cover –

How To Build A Solar Pool Water Heater – DIY

Building your own DIY solar pool water heater is a fun project that will save you thousands of dollars. Having a pool is awesome, but being able to enjoy it is…Awesome…ER??

Not sure awsome…er is a word, but it should be! We spent years with our pool only being able to enjoy it on scorching hot days. With a solar pool heater we are able to enjoy the pool all season long. Building the solar pool heater is something I wish I had done the day we put the pool up!

Please remember that at any point during your solar pool heater project you get stuck & need a hand or advice, leave a comment on the video above & I will help any way I can.

BTW, if your into RC – Check out this truck!

We hope you found our video & post on how to build a solar pool water heater helpful…Now get out there & BUILD!!

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