EGO Power 21″ 56v Cordless Snow Blower Review

By | October 21, 2021

In our EGO Power 21″ 56v Cordless Snow Blower Review, we take a look at the battery powered snow blower that promises to give as much power as gas!


Showing the EGO 21" 56v snow blower clearing snow in our snow blower review

In this EGO Snow Blower review, we will not go on & on with tons of words. Instead, we will show you real world videos we created to show you, instead of telling you how good or bad the snow blower is.

Will the EGO snow blower be able to replace our old gas blower? Lets dig right in & find out with our UnBoxing, Review & test as the EGO snow blower gets in a fist fight with 12″ of snow & 2+ foot snow drifts!

EGO Power 21″ 56 Volt Snow Blower Review & UnBoxing

In the video below, we go through a full UnBoxing, review & demo of the EGO 21″ 56v snow blower.

The EGO cordless snow blower comes with everything you need right out of the box. The 2 56v batteries & charger are included.

From the super low noise level to the power the EGO snow blower delivered, we were very impressed. The ability to say good bye to our old stinky gas mower without compromising on power has made the EGO snow blower we have made in a long time.

The Ego snow blower cleared the snow right down to the pavement just as well as my old Craftsman blower or better. It threw the snow much further & easier than any gas snow blower I’ve used in the past.

EGO 21″ 56v Snow Bower vs Deep Snow!

This is where our EGO 21″ 56v Snow Blower review gets fun! One of the biggest doubts we had was whether or not a battery powered snow blower would give us enough power to take on a big snow storm.

When we finally got a big one we were stoked! We got the batteries charged up & waited for the big one to hit. To say the least, we were extremely happy with the way the EGO took on the storm & smacked it down.

In the next video we see the EGO snow blower in action as we tackle a 12″ snowfall & the resulting 2 foot deep snow drifts that formed in the driveway!


EGO 21″ 56v Snow Blower Review – That’s A Wrap!

I have to admit that after using gas snow blowers for decades that I had serious doubts that the EGO cordless snow blower could deliver the type of power that I was used to.

After a full Michigan Winter, we are very happy to say that the EGO snow blower performed flawlessly every time. We encounter all kinds of snow here & the EGO did well in all kinds. It will require a few passes to clear the end of the driveway after the plows go by if the snow becomes very icy.

All in all I would say the EGO snow blower is well worth the money. It actually lives in just about the same price point as most gas blowers & even less than many.

My wife would never use the snow blower due to the stink & fuss usually associated with gas blowers. Adding gas, checking and adding oil & the often times futile attempts of yanking on the chord just to get it going was a big deterrent for her. Now she actually enjoys taking care of the snow & so do I!

The EGO snow blower folds up nice & neat for storage, saving me 2-3′ of space compared to my old blower. When the snow arrives simply pop in the batteries, hit the button & pull the handle & your clearing snow. The snow chute can be adjusted easily & has several different angles for the chute as well.


No gas, no oil & no more STINK!

We will give the EGO 21″ 56v snow blower a full 5 stars.

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We hope you enjoyed our EGO Power 21″ 56v Cordless Snow Blower Review & UnBoxing. We hope you enjoyed seeing the EGO 21″ snow blower VS deep snow.


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