Our Redcat Marksman TC8 1:8 Crawler Review!

By | September 22, 2021

In our Redcat Racing Marksman TC8 1:8 scale crawler review, we take a look at Redcat’s first venture into the 1:8 crawler category.



Redcat Marksman TC8 1:8 Crawler Review

The first thing that caught our eye with the Marksman was of course the size, and being a Jeep junkies there was no way we were passing this one up!

The Redcat Marksman Motor

Let’s start with the powerhouse.

Redcat managed to pack a ton of quality into the Marksman & were still able to keep the price under the 500 threshold that other 1/8 crawler manufacturers have blown past.

The Marksman features the Holmes Hobbies 13t Crawlmaster 550 brushed motor with 5 slot rotor. This is a proven motor that dishes out a smooth quiet power.

The Crawlmaster motor gives ample power to push the Marksman over & through just about anything you put in front of it.

The Redcat Marksman ESC

The Marksman feature the HobbyWing Quicrun 80a electronic speed control. If you’ve been around the RC hobby at all you have most likely heard of HobbyWing. It is a time tested & proven ESC.

The Marksman comes with the HobbyWing ESC programmer & lets you set up to 15 items so you can completely customize the performance of the Marksman. It is also waterproof.

The ESC can be programmed to run either NiMH or LIPO batteries. You can run 5-9 cell NiMH or 2 & 3s LIPO.

We used 3s LIPO for this review, but also ran it with a 6 cell NiMH with good success. The 3s LIPO definitely provided a lot more power.

The Redact Marksman Servo

The Marksman features Redcat’s own HEXFLY 25kg steering servo.

HEXFLY has been a dependable servo over the years. We have beaten, submerged & froze them and they keep on ticking.

The servo has metal gears, metal horn, aluminum center case & is waterproof.

If you would like to see more features with the Marksman, check out our UnBoxing

Redcat Marksman TC8 Review – That’s A Wrap!

In our opinion, Redcat Racing provides the absolute best value for the money in the RC world & the Marksman continues this custom.

The 1/8 scale crawler class look like it is about to explode & Redcat looks to lead the class in affordability & function.

We give the Marksman a very solid 9.5/10.

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Redact has hit the mark with the Marksman!!



We hope you enjoyed our Redcat TC8 Marksman 1:8 scale electric brushed crawler review.

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