GROZZ-RACING 903 4×4 Truck Review – 1/12 HBX Vanguard

By | June 21, 2022

In our GROZZ Racing 903 4×4 RC Truck review, we take this cool little 1/12 scale HBX Vanguard out & put it to the RC Insiders test!

The GROZZ RACING 903 4×4 truck comes packed with tons of cool features that you should come to expect with hobby grade RC’s. Most of the parts & upgrade parts can be found on Amazon & the HBX site.


Below, you will find our full review video of the GROZZ-RACING 903. We think the best wat to do a review is to put it to the test & visually show what it is capable of. We hope you enjoy!

GROZZ-RACING 903 4×4 Vanguard Truck Review

Check out our GROZZ RACING 903 review video & then we will talk a little about it and wrap it up.

The GROZZ RACING 903 4×4 RC truck is powered by a 390 brushed electric motor the provides plenty of power to push the HBX Vanguard through tall grass, steep inclines & muddy trails.

The 4×4 & 4 wheel independent suspension make the 903 a great truck for some uneven rock racing or a day at the beach.

During testing, we easily got 300′ of control range. With the 2 provided batteries, we got well over 1/2 an hour of run time. The Vanguard is a fully RTR (ready to run) RC truck. The 903 also operates on 2.4mgh so you can run more than 1 truck in the same are without interference.

Overall we would consider the GROZZ RACING Vanguard an excellent entry level hobby grade RC truck. With plenty of upgrade & spare parts available, the 903 should deliver years of projects & most importantly FUN!


Before you go, if you would like to see under the hood & check out some more of the insides of the 903, check out our GROZZ RACING Vanguard UnBoxing video below.

GROZZ-Racing 903 HBX Vanguard UnBoxing

The GROZZ RACING 903 Vanguard is a great place to start your journey into the awesome world of hobby grade RC. The 1/12 scale HBX is a great size that fits nicely between the popular 1/18 & 1/10 scale sizes.

When you are ready to take that leap into the 1/0 & even 1/8 scale RC’s, there are 2 Redcat trucks that we feel are the best place to start.

The Redcat TC8 Marksman & The Redcat Gen8

The Redcat TC8 Marksman is a big 1/8 scale crawler & the Redcat Gen 8 is a 1/10 scale crawler. Both of these trucks topped our best for the money crawlers in their respective size classes.

We hope you enjoyed our GROZZ-RACING 903 4×4 truck review. The HBX Vanguard is one sweet 1/12 scale beast!

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