What Is The Best RC Crawler For The Money?

By | July 5, 2022

Alright…What is the best RC crawler for the money?

When it comes time to start looking for an RC crawler, your options a virtually limitless. You can head down to your local big box store & pick out a cool toy, or you can spend a little more & enter the awesome world of hobby grade RC!

Redcat Danchee Ridgerock RC Crawler

Hobby grade RC crawlers are my favorite. You can spend hours out on the trails on an adventure that is unique & fun every time you go out. Crawlers, like all RC’s, can vary greatly in price & capability. In today’s post, we are featuring a crawler that we feel gives you the most value for the money.

The Redcat Racing Danchee Ridgerock!

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What Is The Best RC Crawler For The Money?

The Redcat Danchee Ridgerock is a large 1/10 scale trail & rock crawler. It features 2 axle mounted motors that easily power the Danchee through all types of terrain & extreme slopes and angles.

The Danchee is a 4 wheel drive crawler that has adjustable shocks and several suspension adjustments that you can make to meet your terrain.

One of my favorite features of the Danchee is that it comes right out of the box with 4 wheel steer capability. This is an essential feature when you head out for some extreme rock crawling. The controller is packed with features that fine tune the Danchee to suit your needs/wants.

I love talking about the Danchee & I could go on & on, but I feel the best way to explain why I think the Redcat Danchee is the best RC crawler for the money is to show you! Check out the video below & then we will talk a little more about the Danchee & then wrap things up.

What Is The Best RC Crawler For The Money?

The Redcat Danchee is a great performing RC truck. It out performs other crawlers costing into the thousands of dollars. It comes fully ready to run (RTR) with a battery & charger that gives you up to an hour of run time per charge.


The Danchee is completely hobby grade. Upgrade & replacement parts are readily available & each gives you a fun project to enjoy. My Dad was always a stickler for a good value & he loved the Danchee as much as I do. When he passed away we made a little tribute video for him featuring the Danchee in an extreme rock crawl.

As you could see in the video, the Danchee tackled some extreme rock crawling the I have seen many expensive crawlers fail miserably on 🙂

Aside from price, we think the Redcat Danchee is a great crawler for any level RC enthusiast. But when it comes down to “What is the best RC crawler for the money”, we think the Redcat Racing Danchee is clearly the best RC crawler for the money!

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