Is The Redcat Racing Gen8 Waterproof?

By | June 22, 2019
The Redcat Racing Gen8 is waterproof. Redcat Gen8 in mud and water

Is the Redcat Racing gen8 waterproof, or will it faint at the first hint of moisture?

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One of our favorite things to do here at RC Insiders is to test the claims made by manufacturers. Whether it’s a speed test, flex test or range test, we want to make sure you are getting what you pay for…Before you make the purchase!

In today’s post, we will be putting the Redcat Gen8 to the waterproof test with a wet & dirty trail bash.

So without further ado, lets find out if the Redcat Racing Gen8 is waterproof!

Is The Redcat Racing Gen8 Waterproof?

As I said earlier, we love challenging claims made by manufacturers. But what makes testing waterproof claims the best, is that we get to hit the trails for a good old fashioned wet & dirty trail bash!

Please Enjoy This Video Of The Redcat Gen8 Getting Wet & Dirty!

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Operating an RC vehicle is fun on any surface, but hitting the mud and water is my absolute favorite.

We do a lot of reviews for this website and Our YouTube Channel

When we make a recommendation, we want to ensure you are getting what you are promised.

That is exactly what you get with the redcat gen8.

We have been bashing the Gen8 for months now. When I say we have put it through its paces, I mean it.

redcat racing gen8 crawling

We have ran the Gen8 in more mud, water & snow than most people ever will and we are very happy to say that it’s still running strong!

Is The Redcat Racing Gen8 Waterproof? That’s A Wrap!

So, is the Redcat Gen8 Waterproof?

Yes! The Redcat Gen8 Is Waterproof!

Now this is important…The Redcat gen8 is not a boat or a submarine!

Yes the electronics are waterproof. If cared for properly, the Gen8 will provide you with years of fun.

We have nothing but good things to say about the Gen8 so far. If we run into issues you should know about, we will come back to update.

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By the way…The Redcat Racing Gen8 is waterproof!! 🙂 🙂

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