How Fast Is The Hosim RC Monster Truck?

By | February 17, 2019
Hosim RC Monster Truck

Hey Jeremy, Exactly how fast is the Hosim RC Monster Truck? We loved the Hosim RC Truck review you guys did and are thinking about buying a couple for the kids. Any info you guys could give would be appreciated!

Howdy friends and welcome back to RC Insiders!

You all know how much we love to speed test anything RC that we can get our hands on. After getting the above email from a visitor, we figured it was well past time to put the Hosim RC Truck to the test.

Right out of the box, Hosim claims speeds of up to 28 MPH.

Check out the video below and I will see you on the other side and talk a little about what we found.

We also threw in a little bonus video of the DJI MAvic Pro following the Hosim in follow me mode…Hope you enjoy!

How Fast Is The Hosim RC Monster Truck?

So we weren’t quite able to hit the 28 MPH mark, but man does this thing scream!

In defense of the Hosim RC Truck, the terrain we were running on had a lot of loose gravel and dirt that hampered take off and control.

We plan to get it back out soon for another test on a cleaner surface and I feel pretty confident that we should be able to squeeze a couple more miles per hour out of it.

Here’s The breakdown Of The Hosim’s Speed Runs:

  • Speed Run #1 – 25 MPH
  • Speed Run #2 – 21 MPH
  • Speed Run #3 – 18 MPH
  • Speed Run #4 – 20 MPH
  • Speed Run #5 – 20 MPH
  • Speed Run #6 – 25 MPH
  • Speed Run #7 – 22 MPH

All in all, we feel the Hosim RC Monster Truck offers an excellent value.

The Hosim RC Truck is a true hobby grade RC truck for right around $100.

What this means is that there are plenty of readily available replacement parts available for the inevitable crashes that will occur. 🙂

When you feel you’re ready for upgrades, the Hosim RC Truck gives plenty of opportunity for this as well.

Check Out Our Hosim RC Truck Review Video Here

We go through a full UnBoxing and review so you can get a full understanding of why we think the Hosim RC Truck is one of the best values for your money in the $100 price range.

The Hosim RC Truck is a 4×4, waterproof, hobby grade RC for around a hundred bucks!

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How Fast Is The Hosim RC Truck?

After 7 speed runs, the fastest clocked time on the radar gun was 25 MPH.

We hope you enjoyed the post on “How Fast Is The Hosim RC Monster Truck”.

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Happy bashing!


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