Sharper Image Remote Control Flip Stunt Rally Car Review

By | December 1, 2018

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today we will be doing a quick Sharper Image Remote Control 2-in-1 Flip Stunt 360° Spin Rally Car Review.

sharper image remote control flip stunt rally car review

Product: Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally R/C Car

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Who’s It For: Anyone

Sharper Image Remote Control Flip Stunt Rally Car Review – Overview

The Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally RC car is a fun RC car that can be operated indoors or out.

It is not a hobby grade vehicle, meaning you will not be able to head to your local hobby store to pick up replacement and upgrade parts.

This RC vehicle is not waterproof, so be careful to avoid getting it wet when driving outdoors.

The car is pretty peppy for its size and has a neat flip feature that causes the car to flip over with a click of the stunt button. When the car is cruising at top speed, hit the button and your red RC becomes a white RC!

The flip is the main feature of the car, but it also does some other neat things such as 360° spins and is basically crash proof…Believe me I tried!

It also has some super cool LED headlights that kids will really love.

Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally RC Car – Controller

sharper image flip stunt rally rc car controller

The controller for the Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally Car is unique in that it operates like a tank or track vehicle.

To go:

Forward – Push forward on both sticks.

Backwards – Pull back on both sticks.

Turn Right – Push forward on left stick.

Turn Left – Push forward on right stick.

360° Spin – Push one stick forward while simultaneously pulling the other stick back. The car will spin in whichever direction you choose.

While the operation of the controller took a little getting used to, it is by no means difficult to master and actually becomes enjoyable to operate.

Who Is The Sharper Image Flip Stunt RC Car For?

As I mentioned earlier, the Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally Car is virtually Un-wreckable.

The manufacturer recommended age is 6, but this is just a recommendation due to small parts, choking hazards and things of that nature.

I would personally think that at 4-5 years old any kid would have a ball with this thing. Just like with most things, adult supervision and judgement will determine the proper age for this RC.

So long answer short, the Sharper Image Flip Stunt RC is for just about anyone…Even big kids like me. 🙂

I have had a ball driving this thing around the house. The cats love playing with it just about as much as we do!

Sharper Image Flip Stunt Spin RC Review – The Bottom Line

Sharper Image Flip stunt RC car

As we said in the beginning, this is not a hobby grade RC vehicle.

You are not going to be hitting the trails and doing any mud bogging.

If that is your interest (We Love MUD Too!), we suggest you take a look at a couple of other reviews we have done:

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What you will get with the Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally RC Car is a unique toy that does cool flips, 360° spins and is nearly impossible to wreck.

At around 20 bucks, we have no problem whatsoever recommending picking up 1 or 2 for a gift, or for yourself.

We have enjoyed it and we think you all will too.

We hope you enjoyed our Sharper Image Remote Control Flip Stunt Rally Car Review.

We have had a lot of fun with this RC and we really think that it brings great value for the price.

If you have any other questions about this or any other article, or just wanna say hi, please leave a comment below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and have an EPIC day! 🙂

~RC Insiders

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